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How do I sell my surplus valves?

One of our friendly valve buyers will come to your location and visually inspect and evaluate your surplus valves and make you an offer or send us a detailed list and pictures and we will put our best offer, if accepted we arrange a pick up time and date.

How do I receive payment on my surplus valves?

Most of the time we buy on site and pay how ever preferred cash, casher check, or bank wired

What do you do with the surplus valves you buy?

All surplus that comes in will be put in to our inventory and resold.

Do you also buy used valves?

Yes we purchase all types of used valves and remanufacture them.

Can you dismantle valves online?

Yes, we can provide you dismantling if needed.

What do you do with the valves you purchase?

International Rec rebuilds valves and then resales them as re-manufactured valves to Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Refineries in the United States.

Do I have to ship you my valves before you offer a price?

No, we pay for all the valves upfront. In most cases our valve buyers will come to your location and inventory your valves before we make our offer.

Do your valve buyers travel outside the United States?

Yes, our surplus buyers travel all over the world purchasing and managing recovery projects. This includes Cananda, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. We also travel to the Middle East, Asia, and European countries.

Do you buy other equipment like instrumentation?

Yes, we purchase all types of industrial surplus. We buy all types of industrial, manufacturing, processing, and electrical equipment. To view a complete list of equipment we buy please visit our industrial surpluspage by clicking here.